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Matt Serra

Matt “The Terror” Serra, known for winning several martial arts championships and his winning personality, shows his fighter spirit in his aggressive fighting style. Being a former UFC Welterweight Champion and an ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship Silver Medalist, Matt is no stranger to the world of fighting.

Matt began his martial arts training at an early age through his father, who had been a lifelong marital artist as well as his hero. Before fighting for the UFC, Matt and his brother Nick ran two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools at local strip malls in New York. He since then has moved them to bigger and better locations. He also trains with Ray Longo and trains fighters such as George Sotispoulos, Pete Sell, Al Iaquinta and Luke Cummo. They fight under the Serra and Longo Competition Team, while at the same time Matt continued to earn his wins in several competitions.

Being a dedicated fan of UFC since UFC1, fighting for the UFC means the world to him. After becoming a part of the UFC organization, Matt later became a participant in The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback on SpikeTV, defeating Pete Spratt and Shonie Carter to reach the finals. Who can forget the famous upset with Georges St-Pierre that year?

He currently lives in New York with his family, and continues to show his passion in the martial arts in his schools and training.

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