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Dan Hardy

Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy, who started martial arts as a kid to be like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, began training for competitive fighting in 2002 after 14 years of traditional marital arts. He joined the UFC in 2008 and made his debut at UFC 89, winning by split decision.

Starting his training at the age of six in Taekwondo, he progressed to black belt, trained through different styles, and even had the opportunity to train with the Shaolin monks in China. As he began to cross-train, he realized the importance of grapping skills in MMA, which had soon earned him the titles of Cage Warriors Welterweight World Title, current Light Welterweight Champion, and UK Storm British Champion.

Hardy trains out of various places such as Rough House Gym, Suffer, Robert Drysdale’s, as well as adding Bikram Yoga to keep him strong and flexible. In his spare time he enjoys classical cars, hardcore and punk music, and videogames.

Family is important to this dedicated fighter, stating that his heroes are within his family.

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