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Amanda Corey

In 2008 Amanda was announced the winner of the hit reality show "Beauty and the Geek" winning a cash prize of $125,000. Also, in September of 2008 she was featured in Playboy magazine where her layout was a 5 page pictorial and she was recognized as celebrity of the month.

Amanda has appeared in national ad campaigns for brands including 24 Hour Fitness and Hawaiian Tropic, and in magazines such as Glamour and Seventeen. "Modeling is super fun and I'm grateful for all of my success and past accomplishments, but I must say, it wasn't until I signed with Xyience that I really realized that I have the best job in the world!” Since winning a contract with Xyience in 2010 Amanda has traveled to most UFC fights, including those in Toronto, Canada.  

You also may have recently seen her in Fight! magazine, MMA Authority, and her favorite, UFC magazine where she was deemed the “perfect woman.”

“LOL, I’m hardly perfect, but it was a huge accomplishment and confidence builder to be noted as that in UFC magazine. Once you have met me you quickly realize I’m just your average girl next door who happens to love UFC” says Amanda.

Amanda enjoys kickboxing, weightlifting, hiking and biking and is a devoted fan of mixed martial arts (MMA) and the UFC. She names Team XYIENCE fighters Wanderlei Silva and Mark Munoz as a couple of her favorite fighters.
“Being able to work with and get to know the fighters makes me an even bigger fan of UFC, and of Xyience. I actually do drink a Xenergy almost everyday.  I rotate between Fruit Punch, Orange Fuel, and Mango Guava, but I must say my absolute favorite flavor is Orange Fuel.”

Amanda is not just a beauty; she is also a smart cookie. Amanda holds a BA degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from the University of Arizona and is conversational in American Sign Language.
 “I took sign language in college and I feel in love with it. It is so awesome when I am at a huge UFC Fan Expo and I get to converse with a fan that is deaf.  It seriously makes my day to see the surprised look on their faces when they find out that I know sign and we can have a conversation. I would love to work with deaf children one day” says Amanda.  

Some of Amanda’s favorite foods are Orange chicken, Thai food, Nutella and anything chocolate. Her hobbies include horseback riding, MMA, boogie boarding, traveling and trying out new restaurants. Her favorite TV shows are Roseanne, Judge Judy, Family Guy, Modern Family and pretty much all reality shows.
“Nice guys DO NOT finish last in my book!” Amanda says. “Be respectful, outgoing and athletic. Goofy personalities are a plus.”

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