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Mark Munoz

Mark was born February 9, 1978 on a US Military Base in Yokouska, Japan to Filipino parents Imelda Kenery of Santa Ana, Manila, Philippines and Rodolfo Munoz from Pasay City, Philippines. At the age of 2, Mark and his family relocated to the US and settled in the city of Vallejo, California.

Mark’s love of athletics began at a very young age, his main focus being football. However, when he was a sophomore in high school, he incurred an injury that prevented him from playing the sport that he loved so dearly. So he turned to wrestling and the rest is history…

After a year off from fighting, Mark would return to the Octagon and earn a “decisive” unanimous decision win against Tim Boetsch in UFC 162. Since his start in MMA, Mark has compiled a record of 13-3.

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