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Saskia Boogman

Saskia Boogman is Montana girl who got her start in fitness with her first pair of track spikes at age eight.  After a collegiate track career and a few pack-on-the-pounds lazy years, she decided it was time to get fit again which ultimately led her to her passion - physique competing.  Now a nationally qualified NPC bikini athlete, Saskia currently has her sites set on achieving IFBB Pro status.  With four second place trophies and a national show under her belt we're sure that Pro Card isn't far off.

When she's not in the gym or strutting her stuff on stage, Saskia writes about her experiences in fitness on her blog, Sauce Gets Fit.  It's her hope that through her writing she can demystify the world of bodybuilding and help others share her love of good health.  A recent MBA grad, Saskia hopes to parlay her fit lifestyle and business experience to widen her impact on the world.

In addition to her blog, you can find Saskia on Instagram and Twitter.

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