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Joe Kinder

Joe Kinder
Professional rock climber, filmmaker

Age: 33

Originally From: Manchester, N.H.

Residence: Las Vegas; Berkeley, Calif.; Catalunya, Spain

First Climbing Experience: 1994, Estes Park, Col. 

Professional Climber Since: 1998

XYIENCE Brand Ambassador since: 2014


Professional Climbing Career Highlights/Route Accomplishments:

·      Has completed over 160 routes in the 5.14 grade, including several 5.14d

·      More than 462 ascents, including 9a routes, V13 boulder problems and route development

·      Impressive roster of first ascents, including Waka Flocka Flame (5.14c)


Fun Facts:

·      Personal motto: “ALWAYS PSYCHED!”

·      Studied at the Maine School of Art prior to becoming a professional athlete

·      Nickname is “Kind Kid”

·      Can imitate anyone

·      Often wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about climbing

·      Climbing role model: Dani Andrada

·      Filmmaking role model: director Renan Ozturk, 2013 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

·      Supports HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation, Climbers Against Cancer, and The Access Fund

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About Joe Kinder

Joe Kinder is known throughout the world of climbing for his outrageous personality and bottomless energy, captured perfectly in his personal slogan: “ALWAYS PSYCHED!” Climbing since the age of 13, his passion for the great outdoors is deep and without falter. Throughout his climbing career, positivity and consistency have been his greatest strengths. “I would climb regardless of anything hindering me. It’s what makes me happy.”


Joe’s personal climbing highpoints include numerous 5.14d routes, V13 boulder problems, multiple first ascents and the development of routes around the world. He's completed over 160 routes in the 5.14 grade, including several in that are 5.14d. Joe is not one to back down from a challenge. He says, “I love the movement; I love the geology and piecing together moves in a row until you solve the puzzle.” His biggest challenge is simply the frustration of a hard climb almost complete but foiled by weather or an abrupt season change. Always an optimist though, he concedes, “Leaving empty handed and not completing the goal can make you stronger and want it more.”


When he’s not climbing, Joe works as a filmmaker, photographer and painter. He graduated from Maine College of Art with a degree in painting before becoming a professional climber at age 20. He began filming in 2006 when his friend, documentary filmmaker Mike Call, asked if he wanted to make some extra money shooting friends and providing footage. His skills and enthusiasm for film grew from there, and today Joe doesn’t go anywhere without his camera.


When asked about how he finds subjects for his films, he says, “I find most people pretty interesting. I look at athletes and want to tell a story about who they are, what makes them tick and why. Everyone has something interesting about them.” He shares these stories through videos and photos that can be seen on the popular joekindkid.com.


A self-described nomad, Joe’s passion for travel nearly equals his passion for climbing. “Traveling as a rock climber takes you to some of the most special places on the planet, and you really get to see the nitty gritty of a country, a state, a town or wherever you are.” He also enjoys hiking and looking for new cliffs and boulders, as well as bolting new routes and adding new lines to the world wherever he goes. “This is very special to me as I can author a new climb that will be enjoyed for generations.”


Joe’s personal philosophies stem from experiences and travel throughout his life as a climber. He approaches every day with a positive outlook, and it shows in his hard work and never quit attitude exemplifying the XYIENCE Power to Win philosophy.

Connect with Joe Kinder: BLOG, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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