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Holly Miller

XYIENCE Power to Win Athlete: Yogi, Runner, Trainer, Figure Competitor
XYIENCE Power to Win athlete Holly Miller has always had a love of fitness and health. Originally born in Chicago, Ill., Miller quickly developed a passion for living a healthy lifestyle, and made it her mission to share that passion with anyone and everyone she could. Her voracious thirst for knowledge has led her to seek certification in several fitness techniques. Now a certified yoga instructor, personal and group fitness trainer, Miller is fulfilling her dreams one client at a time.
Miller’s pursuit of her dream kicked into high gear when she moved from her home in Chicago to Phoenix, Ariz. to attend Arizona State University, graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in nutrition in 1996. While working towards her degree, Miller began to explore new fitness and health activities, including yoga and Thai massage. After practicing yoga diligently for two years, Miller enrolled in teacher training for hot and vinyasa yoga. Miller now teaches hot yoga in Phoenix.
In 2004, Miller was intrigued by the inaugural Rock n’ Roll marathon, which was being held in Phoenix. Having never run a marathon before, Miller signed up and began training for the race. She ran one half-marathon in preparation and was hooked on running marathons. Since that first race, Miller has run over 100 marathons, including several ultra-marathons and triathlons. 

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