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Kelsey Aganon

XYIENCE Power to Win Team Athlete: Obstacle Racer/Kettlebell Instructor
Kelsey Aganon has always loved being active. As a child, Aganon was active in several youth sports leagues, playing volleyball and basketball through elementary school, and joining his high school volleyball and swimming teams. It was his time on his high school track team that would set him up for success as an obstacle course runner. In fact, it was in high school that he ran his first obstacle course race. The obstacle race, which was part of his high school gym class, introduced him to the sport on a small, with workout stations and obstacles spread throughout the track field.
Working at Vegas HOT! Yoga & Pilates in Summerlin also helps Aganon train for his races. When training for a race, Aganon focuses heavily on his running and cardio, as well as building up his endurance. Aganon also credits helping teaching classes at Vegas HOT! with helping him maintain his fitness level when not training for a race.
His goals are to continue to compete and condition for obstacle course runs, such as the 2014 Spartan Race, and to help encourage others to get into fitness.

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