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Paul Pugliesi

XYIENCE Power to Win Team Athlete: Surfer

Now in his 30s, Paul Pugliesi is challenging age barriers and setting records in the sport of surfing, having recently secured both his third Surfing America 2014 USA Championships title and fourth consecutive Western Surfing Association USA Masters West Coast title, making him the only person in 25 years to have done so. “For me, surfing is a lifestyle, and I plan to do it till the day I die,” says Pugliesi. “Even if I have to use a walker to get to the surf and only be able to paddle out and ride waves on my belly then I’ll still be happy.”

Pugliesi first saw a surfing competition on TV at age 11 and rode his first wave at age 12. Since his first experience with the thrill and excitement of the sport of surfing, he was hooked. Pugliesi didn’t turn pro until he was 21 years old, which is late in life by today’s surfing standards.  Paul has a passion for donating time to teach kids to surf in hopes of impressing the importance of hard work, volunteerism and fun on today’s youth, and the future generation of the sport of surfing. He says seeing the smile on a child’s face after they ride their first wave leaves him with a warm, fuzzy feeling. He particularly likes to give lessons to kids who come from inland states and see the ocean for the first time. His advice for anyone who is looking to try surfing for the first time? “Just go out there with an open mind and have fun, If you’re not having fun then you’re trying too hard. Surfing's one of those sports that's more mental than physical at times so if you just go out and have fun you’re doing it right.” Connect with Paul Pugliesi via his blog/website.

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