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Sarah Devlin

XYIENCE Power to Win Athlete: Fitness Competitor
Born and raised in a small town in Colorado, Sarah Devlin has overcome great obstacles to reach success.
Like so many college students, while studying at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Devlin began to gain weight and soon, she found herself overweight. A cousin who was already competing in bodybuilding introduced Devlin to the sport, and after she did her research she began weightlifting as a way to get back into shape and change her lifestyle.
She quickly became serious about the sport, and in 2013, found a coach and set the goal to compete in a National Physique Committee (NPC) competition by the beginning of 2014. Her goal would not be easy to reach as life handed her a new challenge, a crumbling marriage and divorce.
Devlin stayed focused and worked towards her goal, dropping 30 pounds and competing in her first NPC competition in April 2014. She placed 3rd in the Bikini novice division, and is now passionate about competing in the sport. Devlin plans to compete next in April 2015, and is working towards her goal of becoming stronger both inside and out.

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