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Kawika Henderson

CrossFit Athlete, Strongman Competitor
Kawika Henderson is training to qualify for the CrossFit Games and to earn his Professional Card for Strongman. He strives for excellence in his approach to everyday life and encourages others to do the same with a never-give-up attitude fueled by his faith. This is a guy who can deadlift 585 pounds and knock out 30 double ups while fighting back from injuries and personal challenges.

Well on his way to his lofty Strongman goal, he achieved the ranking of one of Arizona’s strongest men only a couple short months after he first started training. He took third place in his division in the 2013 Arizona Strongman competition and has qualified for the 2014 Granite Games. Henderson describes his first CrossFit experience as “the most intense workout I’ve ever done.” He believes anyone can improve their personal fitness level with a “Power to Win” attitude and the right training guidance, and encourages people from 17 to 70 and beyond to try CrossFit for fitness, fun or competition.
Henderson’s passion for fitness and competition started with football in his early childhood and continued through college, where he played competitive football until he had to return home to care for his mother, who had fallen ill.  He is currently an NFL free agent who still has hope of getting back in the game.   

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