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Dustin Pederson

XYIENCE Power to Win Team Athlete: NPC Competitor/Bodybuilder
Dustin Pederson didn’t plan to be a competitive bodybuilder, but his drive to be fit always existed. While earning his degree in elementary education at University of Minnesota, Pederson decided it was time to get in shape. He started hitting the gym and training. As he started to see the results of his hard work take shape as strong, sculpted muscles, he grew more and more motivated.
Pederson began training with a trainer. His dedication paid off, as he placed first overall in the 2013 NPC Upper Midwest Competition. He competed in five NPC competitions that year and continues to work on making positive changes to his physique.
In 2014 Pederson is focused on two competitions; the Junior Nationals in June, where he placed top 10, and the Muscle and Fitness Model Search in September at the Mr. Olympia Competition. His future goals are to place top 5 nationally and eventually turn pro in the IFBB as well as starting to model in the fitness industry.

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