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Navigating a New Year
By ChristinasFitness.com

Written exclusively for Xyience.com (Manzen, LLC) by ChristinasFitness.com, 2013

It’s a New Year and that means many people have set some New Year resolutions. Studies and surveys show that the most common resolutions involve exercising regularly and eating healthier, yet every year we read more and more about our nation’s staggering obesity issues.

If you’re among the millions of people who have fallen back on their own resolutions in the past, fret not! Below you’ll find some tips for keeping those resolutions and navigating a successful New Year.

1. Your Goal’s Need to B.S.!

No no, we’re not talking about the typical B.S. acronym that first comes to mind – we’re talking about Being Specific! A very common mistake that people make when setting resolutions is they’re just not specific enough. By creating goals that are attainable by imagination, achievable by example, and easily visualized – you have a far higher chance of succeeding! Instead of saying, “I’m going to eat better,” you should instead make the commitment to either: Join a gym, buy gym equipment, hire a personal trainer, exercise for at least 1 hour a day for 5 days a week, and prepare healthy meals for the week ahead. Be specific!

2. Write Down Your B.S. Goals!

Okay okay, enough with all the B.S… no, really – write down your Be Specific Goals! Write them down all over the place! Place them on post-it’s and then put those notes on your refrigerated beverages (I’ve actually put them on my Xyience energy drinks believe it or not), food containers, bathroom mirrors, etc. Store them in your phone as reminders, and send scheduled emails to yourself – whatever you need to do to keep your goals in front of you throughout the day and week.

3. Seek a Support System and B.S. With Them Too!

Many people understand that a support system is required for successful organizations to, well… succeed! And this is precisely what you’ll need – a support system! Tell your friends, family members and co-workers about your goals – and be specific! Tell them you plan on jogging every day after work for 40 minutes – or that you’ll be attending a cycling class every Wednesday and Friday night. Then, ask them for “accountability reminders.” They’ll appreciate you confiding in them and in turn, be more likely to check in with you along the way.

4. When You Slip Up, Sit Still.

There may be a day or even a week or two when you slip up. But a big part of the challenge is expecting that there will be weak moments in your resolve, and understanding that you’ve come too far to just give up. Instead of allowing a slip up to stress you out, just sit still and close your eyes. Think about your progress, your support, and then visualize your desired outcome. Imagine the height of the positive feelings that reaching your goals will bring – then remind yourself that you’re on the right road. When you veer off slightly, the road is still right in front of you.

This year, be among the less than 15% of people who actually reach their New Year Resolution goals by understanding that your intention must be met with conscious accountability. If you remain conscious of your goals, intention and all the necessary steps along the way – you’ll be more accountable and in turn much happier.

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