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 Target Areas:
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
Exercise Equipment:
  • Set of Kettlebells or Dumbbells
  • Stability Ball
  • Jump Rope (optional)
After completing all three exercises... GET YOUR HEART RATE UP!! Complete 25 squat jumps or 30 fast jump rope immediately after your deadlifts! One minute break and REPEAT 3 TIMES!

Chest press on stability ball

*Before adding any weight to your exercise, be sure to stabilize yourself first, complete the chest press movement with proper technique before adding weights
  • Start position: Sit on the stability ball, walk feet forward, rolling the ball upward to support upper back, neck & head. Thrust your hip towards the ceiling, squeeze and activate your glutes with your legs at 90 degrees to stabilize yourself on the ball.
  • You can practice the chest press exercise without the stability ball
  • Lay on the floor with knees bent and feet flat on the floor
  • Slowly lower weights, leading with your elbows, arms at 90 degrees, then press up, squeezing your chest together.
  • Have the kettle bells or dumbbells positioned over mid chest area as you press up
Bent Over Rows
  • Start position: Slight bend at the knees, bend over having your chest parallel to the floor
  • Keep shoulders back. Do NOT let them roll forward as you lower the weight. Keep shoulders locked and back
  • Squeeze shoulder blades together as you “row” the weights back, leading with your elbows
Kettle Bell Deadlift
  • Start position: Place kettle bell in between your feet, squat down, keeping knees behind your toes
  • Grab kettle bells with two hands - You will look like your are about to “hike” a foot ball
  • Feet flat
  • Position shoulders over the kettle, look straight forward to keep chest up
  • Lift kettle bell or dumbbell off the floor, extending hips and knees. Knees should point the same directions as your hips. THRUST!! AND SQUEEZE Glutes!

Control the weights the whole time... DO NOT jerk or drop weights. Breathing is very important... exhale anytime you exert any push or pull movement.

You get the best results when you demonstrate proper form and technique! So take your time and get your sweat on!!!

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