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Jump Squats are my FAVORITE. Let's get started!

3 rounds!
Beginners start with 15 reps
Advance: 25 -30 reps

  • Jump Squats
  • Hamstring Curls with Stability Ball
  • Split Jumps
1 minute break THEN go straight into Abs!

Abs: Take your time! Do not hold your breath while doing core exercises!! Exhale on the way up, squeeze core tight!
  • Toe Touches with Medicine Ball
  • V-ups
  • Roman Twist w/ Medicine Ball
You can do this anywhere.. If you don’t have the equipment, IT’S OK!!

Do the ab workouts without the medicine ball, increase your repetitions to 30 per set.
If you do not have a stability ball for hamstring curls, use a chair and perform the hip thrust movement!

No excuses.. get it done! 30 - 45 minutes of physical exercises will change your life!!!! Power to win a healthy lifestyle! GET YOURS!!

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