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As an employee here at Xyience I always get asked what my favorite flavors are, what flavors sell the best, and so on. If you search the web there are tons of reviews, videos and more on Xenergy but I'm going to give you what may be the first ever employee review.
Cran Razz: Considered to be the first classic flavor of the Xyience Xenergy line, Cran Razz is one of the flavors that has been around the longest. I think this tastes more cranberry than raspberry and it happens to be one of my least favorite flavors.  But to many people this is their go to drink - it's very smooth and a flavor most people are familiar with. 

Cherry Lime: In my eyes (mouth?), this is comparable to a Sonic Cherry-Limeade and this is one of the best selling flavors here at Xyience. Crisp notes of fresh squeezed lime punctuate the sweet cherry carbonation. This flavor is refreshing and delicious!

Tangerine Twister: Orange Dreamsicle. Two words sum this fabulous flavor up for me. This is a delicious, luxurious tasting blend or orange, tangerine, cream and vanilla with a few other complex notes. It's hard to believe this is sugar free. This is one of our newest additions to the Xyience Xenergy line and I really dig this one.

Frostberry Blast: This flavor was first introduced as a limited edition collector's can featuring UFC® fighter Wanderlei Silva and in the black can (our previous Xtreme line).  We had a lot of fun trying to come up with a name on this one. We don't like our flavors to be limited by colors and since we use 100% all natural colors, a lot of the liquids look similar. Frostberry got its name because the liquid color is frosty and the beverage is berry flavored. Although a rumor did start saying we found the mysterious frostberry in Greenland. I describe this flavor as an extremely palatable blue raspberry citrus. It is smooth and has just a hint of tartness in it but its very subtle. One of my favorite flavors.

Mango Guava: This is our top selling flavor it is sweet, fruity and delicious. I think it tastes kind of like a peach jolly rancher. This might sound a little strange but this is more of a morning drink for me. I prefer the bit of Frostberry Blast or Fruit Punch in the afternoon for a pick me up.

Fruit Punch: This flavor was first introduced as a limited edition collector's can featuring UFC® fighter Dan Hardy and in the black can (our previous Xtreme line). The flavor is the "most tart" of all the flavors in the Xyience Xenergy line by far.  It is not your typical sickly sweet fruit punch of old, this one packs a punch of exploding flavor and refreshment. Love it and how it tastes so different from your average fruit punch.

Blu Pomegranate: This is a classic flavor as well for Xyience and it is one of the sweeter flavors in my opinion. It tastes like blueberries and pomegranates and a few other fruits. This seems to be a hit or miss with most fans they either love it or its just so-so to them.

Melon Mayhem: This tastes like a jolly rancher kind of. From the name you would expect the taste of watermelon but this is more complex, like it contains every melon there is. Honeydew, cantaloupe and probably a few more I've never heard of. This is a very full bodied flavor with a lot going on.

So I encourage you to try each of them for yourself and find your favorite flavor. With so many to choose from there is something for everyone in the Xyience Xenergy line. Let me know what your flavor is! For me, I'm a Frostberry.

By Aimee Sacksteder, Marketing Coordinator for Xyience
Twitter: @AimeeRae23