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Written exclusively for Xyience.com (Manzen, LLC) by ChristinasFitness.com, 2013

It has been said, read, and written: “Get the body you deserve in time for summer!” That line is found littered in commercials, infomercials, magazine ads, and all over the Internet. Heck, I’ve even used it myself. But the question is – do you *really* deserve that body?

For many, spring is a time for spending lots of money in anticipation of chiseling out that 6 pack you’ve always wanted. But what’s really missing? The desire is strong; the motivation is strong (at least for now), and often times the only thing missing is the training, right?

As a personal trainer and e-coach, it never fails to surprise me how many people come asking me for summer-body training, then realize after taking my assessment, that they have literally no fitness foundation to stand on. Building a foundation is just as important for your health as it is for your home’s structural integrity. It is such a critically important first step in earning the ultimate summer body.

So, how can you start building the fitness foundation that will help you earn that sexy summer body? It has to literally blossom from a brand new mindset – and there can be a lot said in how to create one. The simple answer is, though, that everyone is different. But to be successful in even trying, you must start by taking [self] meaningful action. Here are my tips… DO THIS FOR AT LEAST 4 WEEKS:

1. Start by writing out your short and long-term goals. Under each goal, write out a small, specific action plan. For example: if your goal is to “Eat Healthier,” then an action could be, “eat 2 extra servings of veggies per day and eliminate sodas from my diet.”
2. Plan, plan, plan! Plan healthy meals, plan your grocery shopping lists, plan support-discussions with family, friends and co-workers and anything else that may help.
3. Prepare! Prepare your meals on Sundays for the week ahead so that you’re not fussing around with cooking multiple times a day and making excuses for why you couldn’t stick to your plan.
4. Seek out a support system that BEST suits your lifestyle. Do you and your significant other spend a ton of time talking? Great – seek support from him/her. Do you spend a lot of time surfing social media? Then find groups and pages that will help support your goals. This will help keep you motivated and inspired!
5. If you have a minor setback, don’t let it become a major setback! Setbacks can happen… we’re human. Setbacks are learning experiences, and if you ask yourself “why” you had a setback, you’ll become more able to avoid them in the future.
6. Surround yourself with “healthy.” Pick up magazines, litter your counters with fruits and veggies, throw away unhealthy things in the fridge and pantry, buy some workout clothes/gear, and get your family and/or friends on board. I always suggest purging the “unhealthy” … this can be people in your life, places you frequent, and habits that don’t support building a fitness foundation.

By taking the above steps for a minimum of 4 weeks, you’ll embrace new habits, a new mindset, and eventually, earn your ultimate body.

There are tons more that can be said about how to best build a foundation that will support building the body you’d love, but I’ve found through coaching literally thousands of people online and offline, that these are the most common building blocks and steps to success.

Invest in your health – it’s the most important investment you’ll ever make. As the late Jim Rohn has said, “Take care of your body – it’s the only place you have to live.”

Do this, and you’ll be teaching people how to earn The Ultimate Summer Body yourself.

To your health and LIFE,
- Christina

Author of The Fitness Foundation and Founder of ChristinasFitness.com