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make it countmake it countmake it count


“Where t
he mind GOES the body will FOLLOW”... There is no doubt in my mind you have heard this saying before and when you really think about it, there is more truth to it then most people recognize. In my career as a teacher and a fitness professional, inmy personal life andmy spiritual walk there has been several times when I had to make important life changing decisions. I’ve come to realize my mind can lead me into a dark place and it can also bring me into the light of LIFE. Either I get up, go to the gym and feel better about myself or stay in bed and feel sorry for myself. It’s the NEW YEAR... where is your focus?.. What has your mind decided to conquer this year? 2014 IS the year to make a change and make it stick.

make it countmake it countmake it count

I knowfor me personally, these past couple of years have been filled with trials and failures... ONLY to prepare me for SUCCESS. My fitness journey taught me to look forward to progression and not perfection. There has been countless times when I’ve looked in the mirror and was dissatisfied or felt crappy about myself because of overwhelming negative talk going on in my mind. Everything starts with the mind... how you feel about yourself and what you think of yourself. Living a healthy and active lifestyle goes deeper then just physical appearance, it is way deeper!

Fitness... is a key element to living a healthy and fit lifestyle, BUT overcoming mind battles is where it begins! In order for us to be successful in changing our daily habits and making it STICK, we need to make everything we do count! It must be done with intention and a focus on the benefits of living healthy! So... my mantra for this year is ... MAKE IT COUNT!

I’ve realized when I lose focus and my mind begins to wonder off, everything in my “Living Healthy Plan” begins to fall apart. The best part about this “plan” is that it can always be put back together. It has a way of picking back up right where you decided to rear off in the wrong direction. The moment you get yourself back on the right track is when you allow for only the healthy things to be a part of your “plan”. Picture yourself riding along in whatever car you choose, there are two paths... Death and LIFE. We are going to choose the path of LIFE... each thing you allow in your car is fuel to keep your car going, the moment you allow negative thoughts, people, substances, unhealthy food, or push out exercise the car will stop and fall apart! Think about who and what you want in your life and make a decision to get HEALTHY and FIT.

Start with getting yourself mentally prepared, begin saying things like:
  • I’m going to be the best me I can be
  • I’m going to go train ______!
  • I’m going to beat diabetes
  • I’m going to go lift
  • I’m going to get my swole on
  • I’m going to go SQUAT... IT’s LEG DAY!
  • I’m going to strengthen my heart (reduce my blood pressure)
  • I’m going to lower my cholesterol
  • I’m going to be a leading example to my children
  • I’m going to beat this epidemic of obesity
Stop the excuses and start living for you... Stop thinking about all the things you won’t be able to do, but the things you ARE going to do in order to reach your fitness goals! Exercise and eating healthy is the prescription to a longer life, a happier and healthier you! Begin with a “Living Healthy Plan”, I figured I’d share my plan with YOU! Its 12 weeks, broken down into 3 week increments.. MAKE IT COUNT! Every step, every prep, every rep, everything you do is done with intention and make it count!

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