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12 Week 

Week 1 - 3: Change Your Mind

This is where it all begins... Notice its 3 weeks! Take your time.. CHANGE does NOT happen over night!
  • Mentally prepare for a lifestyle change
  • Write down your goals: DREAM BIG
  • Write down short term goals in order to progress into achieving your BIG DREAM - changes your going to make for YOUR transformation!
Mental and Physical Clean up:12 Week
  • Start training your mind to think “correct”- Positive thoughts
  • Find a support group, friends or family who support your goals!
  • Throw out all the junk from your cupboards and space yourself from those “Debbie Downers” (negative people)
  • Take a “Before” picture
  • Find a gym or exercise group of your interest and attend the “FREE TRIAL” class
  • Think of indoor/outdoor activities you have always wanted to try!
  • Team up with a trainer to accomplish specific goals & guidance
  • Meal preparation ideas
  • Start making it happen!!

Week 4 - 6: Make IT Happen

Get active! Keep in mind that you are “learning”... so make mistakes and when you fall ... GET BACK UP! Just make it happen!
  • Start off with the basics... and focus on progressing! Progress is what matters!
  • Try out different exercise programs and/or activities - Try to step out of your comfort zone.. give things a try, it’s how we grow!
  • Reach out to your support group if needed
  • Begin prepping your meals- Buy containers, a lunch bag/box and get in the groove of packing meals and snacks! Gradually transition yourself to new healthy eating habits. Do research on different ideas!!

Week 7 - 9: Keep IT Consistent

12 WeekThis is where things get tough... you are now active, your 2 months in, say you’ve lost 10 lbs. and may think it’s “ok” to slack off! IT IS NOT!! The key is to stay consistent with your exercise program and prepped meals even when your tired or don’t feel like it!
  • Allow yourself for a REST DAY and then get back on your saddle. REST plays a big part in your transformation!
  • Master your exercises - STAY consistent until you have are able to perform each exercise with proper technique and good form
  • Track your progress
  • Be flexible and open to change if needed!

Week 10 - 12: #FITLIFE

*You have now adapted the FIT LIFESTYLE!!
  • Stay focus on your goals
  • Begin thinking about new goals and aspirations
  • Keep growing as a person and embrace the NEW YOU!!
  • Begin encouraging others, YOU are proof that amazing things can happen and anything is possible!