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PTW Team
 We are more than happy to welcome the newest members of Team Xyience who will help spread our Power To Win message and products! We're also excited to give back to these talented and hard working athletes for the next year!

The 2014 Power to Win Team includes:

  • Conner Cordova, Mixed Martial Arts
  • Sarah Devlin, NPC* Fitness Competitor *National Physique Committee
Las Vegas
  • Jennifer Turchin, Triathlete
  • Jessica Rowell, NPC Fitness Competitor
  • Kelsey Aganon, Obstacle Course Racing / Fitness Instructor
  • Ray Chargualaf, Trainer and Founder of Revolution Fitness Gym
  • Holly Miller, Marathon Runner
  • Jason Rodie, Paralympic Track & Field
  • Kawika Henderson, Crossfit
  • LaShay Marks, Obstacle Course Racing
  • Laura Dickerson, Crossfit
Southern California
  • Jonathan Santa Maria, Mixed Martial Arts
  • Paul Pugliesi, Surfing
  • Taylor Saul, Motocross
St. Paul
  • Dustin Pederson, NPC Fitness Competitor
For the full announcement of our Power To Win Team, plese click here! 

To learn more about our athletes, check out the Power To Win Team page located under the Team Xyience tab!