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Pauk=lPaul Pugliesi does it again as he wins another two titles on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at the Soul Surf Series Championships at Hunington Beach, which makes it his 4th consecutive win at this event!

2014 Soul Surf Series Overall Masters in Open Men
Masters for championship event

Paul Pluey Pugliesi - Total Wins
1st Place Masters
Masters Title 2014
Open Mens Title 2014
Soul Surfing Series

Last weekend
Masters West Coast Title 2014

"I woke up feeling pretty good, got a decent nights rest, got all my stuff packed and in the car for the hour drive from Oceanside to Huntington Beach. I had no nerves I was so fired up new there would be some waves and just had that feeling like good things were going to happen.

I arrive at the beach. It's a little windy but the sun was out, it was 75 degrees, and there were waves yee ha.
I went and checked the schedule to see when I surfed and I had an hour to kill, so I chatted with some friends and people, stretched and got ready. They told us they were giving us a half hour for the Masters final and I was so amped. We don't usually get a 1/2 hour so it made it a more relaxed approached.

The horn rang and me and the 3 other guys paddled out. The waves were fun and consistent everyone caught their waves, I got a few really good waves and got the scores I needed to stay in the the lead for the whole 30 minutesx I just surfed as if I was out with some friends no real pressure and it paid off. I won the Event for the Masters and also won the 2014 Soul Surf Masters title.

But the day wasn't done, there was still the Open to compete in. I needed to make at least one round to seal the deal. I kind of went into the heat with the 'I don't really care attitude' because I was so stoked with the Masters Result. I still went out there and did what I needed to do in order to advance to the semis and seal the Open Division title. I got second and moved on to the Semis.

The semi final didn't go as planned and I lost in the heat, which is ok. I didn't catch the right waves and waited a bit to long for waves. It happens, can't win them all. I got out of the water a little bummed, but I turned that frown upside down when I found out I had won the Open 2014 Title.

So as you can see it was a fun weekend and I did what I set out to do accomplished a few more goals.

I also wanted to thank you again for the awesome oppturnity you have given me. It's nice when a company sees your potential and what you can do. I look forward to the rest of the year and beyond. I look forward to the many oppturnities this year and hope to accomplish many other goals with your support."

- Paul Pugliesi

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