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Right now I am writing this little update from Australia while sitting in a camper-van. My girlfriend Lindsey is cooking an AWESOME dinner of eggs, potatoes, and broccoli… mmmmm. She is good to me for sure. This is my first time ever heading to the “down under” and now I can check off one more country to my growing roster! This adventure has been a trip I have been looking forward to for over a year now and it feels great to be here. 

Joe Australia 2014Joe Australia 2014
It’s nuts where traveling as a professional climber will take you. I have always loved the way climbers travel and the perspectives we gain while visiting a new country, cliff, town, state, etc. You’re always exposed to the realness due to the fact you aren’t traveling as a normal tourist. I mean don’t get me wrong I love a tour-bus, the monuments, museums, and all of shopping. But the climber’s way is a little more intimate and our time here in Oz has been a great example of this.

Joe Australia 2014Joe Australia 2014
The people we have met are so friendly. There are crazy animals everywhere too. There are kangaroos all over the place (a real threat while driving), there are cockatoos flying around and being pests along with crows that are colored like penguins. The trees are different; the smells in the air are foreign. The food is awesome and for the most part similar to the USA, but they have “meat pies” that are insanely good. My favorite so far is the minced beef or chicken tandoori. SO good even if they do cost $8. The skies are HUGE and blue and the rock is red and bold. We are truly in a new and special place.

Joe Australia 2014Joe Australia 2014Joe Australia 2014
In the climbing world Australia is known for its notoriously solid sandstone. If you are a surfer then you know Oz in a completely different way. I have friends that climb and surf and they claim that Oz is the number one dream trip. Most of civilization in Australia is on the coast and the beaches surely off the hook. There are multiple famous spots for climbing like The Grampians (3 hours north of Melbourne), the Arapalies (4 hours north of Melbourne), and the Blue Mountains (1.5 hours from Sydney). We have sampled with the Grampains and were blown away. We relocated to the Blue Mountains area due to rain and road closures (that were a result of natural fires). We cannot wait to return. Right now we are climbing in the Blue Mountains and this place is stacked with bad-ass climbing, a solid community, and quaint little towns not far from the cliffs.

Joe Australia 2014Joe Australia 2014
At the end of the day climbers, like myself, seek out the best quality stone. We travel across the world and appreciate it beyond comprehension. Before I came this way many of my friends had told me that I would bare-witness to the best rock on the planet. I never doubted anyone really, but had to judge for myself. It was funny because the first day of climbing after the 36 hours of straight travel was one of the most sobering experiences of my climbing life. The rocks color, shapes, texture, the ambiance, the culture, and the vibe were all so perfect.

Joe Australia 2014Joe Australia 2014
We are only 3 weeks in out of 8 so there is plenty of time left to travel around, check out the other famous spots and of course embark on some tourist-style-activities. Maybe even surf a day or so? It’s an open road for us down here and we love it. Stay tuned for more updates later in the trip. I hope everyone gets out this weekend and enjoys him or herself doing what they love. Thanks for reading.

- Joe Kinder

Joe Australia 2014Joe Australia 2014