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 Pluey has done it- won his 3rd USA national title.

USA Championship Pluey 061714Photo by Justin Bridle

Category: Masters 30 - 39

Here's what happened the day before the event:

I had a little bit of a sleepless night mainly do to nerves. I tossed and turned and think I got about 4 hours of sleep. I was also excited at the same time to think I could win my 3rd USA national title and it would be back to back for me.

I got up around 6:30 got my things together, took my vitamins, had a protein shake and just worked on getting my head in the game.

7am: my buddy and photographer Justin showed up to document the adventure. We got the car loaded up and drove the 20 miles to arrive at the world famous Lowers located in San Clemente Ca. Sun was out but there was a little wind and waves were less than exciting.

We grabbed all the gear and did the beautiful walk down the trail and arrived at the contest site, said hi to everyone, made the roads, and then it was time to get my head in the game shake the nerves off and stretch. I grabbed my jersey and headed down to the waters edge. With 5 mins left in the previous heat, me and the 3 other guys paddled out to the line up and waited for the horn to blow for our 25 min heat.

By this time I was so fired up and wanting to win. I put my game face on.

I sat and waited for a wave. A couple came and I let them go by. They were not the waves that would get me the score.

USA Championship Pluey 061714Photo by Justin Bridle

A minute later, a nice wave approached and I split it with one of the other guys, rode it did a few good turns and a snap, kicked out and paddled, waited for the score. I only got a 4.5 and the guy who also went had a little longer wave and got a 6.1. I just stuck to my game plan and the next wave I got a 6.5 .The other guys were catching waves and not posting anything higher than 3s and 4s . On my next wave with 15 mins to go I put everything I could into the wave and got a 7.5 now bringing my total to 14.00 the other guys were needing 7.5 and a 9.0 to take the lead. By this time with a big lead I wanted the time to go by quick but it dragged on, I caught a few more but didn't get a score higher than my 7.5.

USA Championship Pluey 061714Photo by Justin Bridle

Now with 1 min left I was starting to get excited. But then I saw a wave coming and I was out of position and saw someone get it and I watched the whole wave and thought :shit he only needs a 7.5 and he could take the lead and win the whole thing." I sat more nervous than I had been all event. My mind was going a mile a minute and thought he got the score. Then they announced he only got a 6.0 and didn't get the score he needed. I threw my hands up, splashed the water, and had the biggest smile. I had done it- I set a goal and I accomplished it.

USA Championship Pluey 061714Photo by Justin Bridle

I headed towards the beach and got high 5s and congratulations all the way to the podium. And when they announced 1st place 3 time USA National Masters 2014 Champ I jumped up and down, said my little speech, took photos, and then headed home.

USA Championship Pluey 061714Photo by Justin Bridle

Thank you to Xyience and all my sponsors for the love and support and believing in me. Now I get to relax and train hard for the new Season starting in August.