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Fund For Families - Ray Chargualaf
Let me introduce you to Deutsch Puu Jr, better known as “The Champ”. He is 4 years old and is battling a rare disease known as Spinal Muscle Atrophy Type I. He requires around the clock care, is supported by a ventilator 24 hours a day, and is unable to walk or talk on his own. Despite his disabilities, The Champ and his family insists on making the most out of each day but proper transportation for The Champ, his wheelchair, and his equipment make this very difficult.

Fund For Families - Ray Chargualaf
Revolution’s Funds for Families was established to help families like the Puu family raise money to support a need(s) that will greatly benefit their quality of life. A 4-year-old should have the opportunity to visit museums, go to family functions, or go to school without having to worry about safe transportation. For the Puu family, the answer to giving The Champ what he needs is the MV-1 built by Mobility Ventures. This vehicle is custom made to fit the needs of practically any individual with a disability and still accommodate a family of five. Like many custom made products, this vehicle comes with a price tag of $50,000.

Fund For Families - Ray ChargualafFund For Families - Ray Chargualaf
On June 20, 2014 Revolution held a free community event to help The Champ and his family get closer to purchasing his “wheels”. The overwhelming amount of support and donations received was humbling to say the least. Three live bands performed, three DJs spinned throughout the night, three food vendors served delicious treats, beverages were plentiful and unlimited, and of course our sponsor Xyience came out to serve smoothies and provide giveaways. The event raised $8,740.67 for The Champ and we could not have done this without the support of our vendors and the hundreds of people that came out to help a little boy get his wheels.

Fund For Families - Ray Chargualaf