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Laura Frogman Challenge
Saturday, August 16th, I competed in the Frogman Challenge in Las Vegas, NV. I'd grown up loving to be in the pool, but never joined any type of organized swim team. I love to use swimming as an active recovery workout now to complement my Crossfit training, so when I saw the Frogman Challenge, I decided to give it a shot! The competition is a combination of swimming and crossfit skills. There are three stops around the Southwest this year, each having their own workouts. The Las Vegas workouts were a bit more swimming technique focused, which I learned after the workouts were released! I gave it my best anyway!

Laura Frogman Challenge
I knew we would be out in the heat all day, so I made sure to pack a lot of water as well as some Xyience Hydration!

Here were the workouts:

Event 1:

Hand release push-ups
25m swim between rounds, starting with the swim

*6:44 was my time, putting me 7th of 11 overall. I had some wardrobe malfunctions that included watery goggles and my bottoms not being tied tight enough! I had practiced this workout once prior and finished in 7:34, so it was quite an improvement in a competitive setting despite the technical difficulties of my suit falling down!

Event 2 & 3 were back to back with no rest in between.

Event 2:

3 minute AMRAP of 13' touch and go's. So, swimming to the bottom of a 13' pool, touch the bottom with your hand and come back up. The pressure that deep is painful and it really tested your breathe holding abilities as well.

*I got 14 reps which really hurt my placing as most of my competitors got over 20

Laura Frogman ChallengeEvent 3:

Immediately following the touch and go's, we began death by in and out's. This consisted of starting out of the water, jumping into the pool, climbing out, and reaching full hip extension like a box jump.
We started with 2 reps the first minute and went up by 2's each minute.

*I finished in the middle of the pack here with 8 reps in the round of 12

Event 4:

A barbell event!!
3 rds:
250m row
50m swim
9 thrusters, 95#

*9:04, which placed me 5th for that event.

I was competing against many former collegiate swimmers, so they had a slight advantage over me as far as experience with the skills in events 2 & 3. Some had even practiced in the pool we were competing in prior to the event, a hometown perk!

Laura Frogman Challenge
Overall I finished 7th out of 11 women in the advanced division. I had a lot of fun and learned that breathing techniques are imperative to master when it comes to switching between land and water work! I look forward to incorporating more swimming into my training and signing up again next year! Now I know what to expect, and I know to train skills such as the diving entrance (which I learned that morning from my ex-swim team boyfriend, thankfully!!). It was a great experience and I got to spend the day with athletes also there to have some fun. There were no cash prizes, so it lightened the mood significantly.

Laura Frogman Challenge
Thank you Xyience for powering me before, during, and after the event with my Advanced Protein and rehydrated me with my Xenergy +Hydration!

Laura Frogman Challenge