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Circuit Training -  the Workout "Quickie"
Written exclusively for Xyience.com by MsJackieFitness, 2012

We all wish there was more time in a day to do everything on our “To Do” list, especially when having to fit in time for the gym.  “I don’t have the time” is one of the top three excuses when asked the question “what is holding you back from getting into shape?...” Part of living a fit and healthy lifestyle is making the commitment to set aside TIME for it (at least 30-45 mins) and getting it DONE! 

There are TONS of group workout programs and/or individual programs we can choose from.  Whether it be a cycling class, powerlifting, crossfit, plyometrics, resistance training, muscular endurance, or an aerobics/cardio kickboxing class...TIME must be put aside for JUST THAT.  Now, if you’re someone with very little time to spare, can’t make it to the gym, but want to get a good workout session in, one solution is to try a form of circuit training.  It is a great way to combine both cardiovascular and resistance training in a short time and it can be done practically ANYWHERE: home, hotel room (for you travelers), garage, outdoors, or in group settings.

Circuit training involves an array of resistant exercises with short rest periods in between each exercise.  You can add a form of plyometrics or some kind of high intensity exercise (i.e :30 second jump rope, mountain climbers, high knees) to increase or keep your heart rate up during your workout.  This form of training is a great way to sculpt your muscles, burn fat and increase cardiovascular endurance at the same time!  Some gyms (i.e 24 hour fitness) have designated areas specifically for circuit training.  This area has a series of different workout stations.  The goal is to work through each exercise station, moving from one to the next, with very little rest in between each exercise until all are complete.  

Don’t make “NOT having enough TIME” your excuse!! Here is an example of a full body circuit workout you can do in your garage or where you may be. You will need:
  • a set of dumbbells (beginners start with 3-5 lbs., increase weight when you are able to complete 15 reps with perfect form)
  • resistance bands or kettle bells for the resistant training portion
  • a mat
This circuit consist of 3 exercises:
  • Shoulder press (front deltoids) 
  • squat jumps (quadriceps) and
  • push-ups (pectorials major, upper back and triceps)
Complete 10-12 repetitions with proper form for each exercise or push out as many as you can within :30 seconds.  It is best for beginners to have a set goal of reps to shoot for!!  Let’s get started...

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