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Jackie Article 5YOGA... which means UNION. We’ve all heard about it, talked about it and some of you may even live by it! What’s the big fuss about? Is it ultimately learninghow to do a headstand on your own? Absolutely not! Let’s just say... It is NOT easy. I use to think yoga was for sissy’s and served no purpose because it was “too slow” for me. Well...I threw that snobby attitude out the door real quick. The first time I tried yoga, I was quite embarrassed. For as strong as I “looked” I couldn’t hold a pose without wobbling all over the place. Now, this became a challenge! Not only that... I quickly found out how important it is to stretch AND have the mental capacity to focus when the body is in an uncomfortable position! I could lift and throw things around all day long, but stretching didn’t come easy for me. STRETCHING improves our flexibility, in turn improves muscle balance around the joints, which then improves our posture.

Being healthy and physically fit is great...but what makes this all possible?...Our MENTAL STRENGTH. Having will power and discipline to accomplish any goal comes from mental strength. Making a commitment to ourselves to become successful in anything we put our mind to. Especially during a body transformation or physical activity. Yoga involves holding ‘asanas’ (poses) whilecontrolling your ‘pranayama’ (breathing). Once mastered, you experience anattunement with your mind, body and soul Jackie Article 5(i.e heart, spirit).It teaches you to become empowered mentally by keeping calm when feeling physically uncomfortable in the midst of holding a pose. Now, imaginetaking this into everything you do. After I understood the purpose behind yoga, I took it to another level.Bikram Yoga! It was probably the most mind challenging experience I’ve ever had. It is a 90 minute yoga class inside a 105 degree temperature room. By the time I was 45 minutes into the class, I wanted to scream at the yoga instructor to stop talking! It took so much focus to first get in the position and THEN hold that asana for 10 - 60 seconds (depending on the the level you maybe on). Bikram yoga consists of 26 asanas and are done in the same sequence every time.

A few benefits from Bikram yoga:
  • Detoxification
  • Reduces stress levels (once you reach a point of peace when conducting the exercise)
  • Mental relaxation
  • Ability to stretch to gain stability & mobility
  • Weight loss
  • Improve overall health

Jackie Article 5I understand that yoga, Bikram yoga, and Pilates have been around for a long time and has become one of the biggest fads around... BUT until you experience and dig deep inside your inner being, it is difficult to understand the value in becoming attuned with your mind, body and soul. I challenge you today to take a break from the weights... take a yoga class (if you never have) or step up your game and try Bikram yoga. IF, that is not enough, try the 26 asanas on a Bosu ball!