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Whenever I feel a "sweet tooth" coming on, I grab a Fruit Punch Xyience instead of candy or other sweets. It hits the spot and tastes awesome. Saves me from the empty calories of cookies and candy. I usually have a Fruit Punch Xyience with my lunch to pep me up to get through the rest of my day. I love that all the Xyience flavors are all zero sugar so I don't have to read labels each time I want to have one. I started drinking Xyience to support an official UFC sponsor, but I keep drinking it because it tastes so good!
Suzi Dodt | twitter: @SuziDodt 

My name is Eric, I am a police officer for the City of Phoenix in Arizona. First, I would like to say that my partner and I, along with several of our friends on the force, enjoy Xyience energy drinks. I cannot stomach the taste of Monster or Red-bull, and when I was told Xyience was 0 calorie I thought I would give it a try. After that day I stopped using Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew as my caffeine fix to keep me alert in the long hot afternoons here, or the dead hours in the wee morning, and now drink Xyience solely (especially blu-pom and Mango Guava) for my extra energy needs. Switching to 0 calories also helped me shed approximately 10 pounds of weight just from eliminating all that unneeded garbage I had been drinking. The 0 carbs also helps my partner who has diabetes and had been drinking diet soda which really is not that much better than regular soda. I was wondering if you have any coupons or anything along those lines for two of your biggest advocates?? 

I was also talking with my partner tossing around some ideas, and we thought it would be cool if Xyience were to have a can dedicated to the men and women in blue (as well as tan and black depending on their jurisdiction) with a flavor of something like Blackberry and Pineapple. I would name it NightHawk if I could (kind of a long story has to do with movie Step-Brothers and my job) or something traditional like Black-Apple or Pine-Berry??? Many of the officers I know also watch UFC and other MMA style fighting programs or attend gyms geared toward that, and since Xyience is already the official sponsor of the UFC marketing to them would probably be a very easy task indeed! 
Your huge fan and supporter,Eric